Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let the Luddites Eat Books

The book is dead!

Let the Luddites eat books along with their genuine pimento stuffed olives while listening to their superior analog vinyl LPs!

And, yes, let them also capture the moment on their Kodak Instamatic film cameras.

It seems not a week goes by without another publishing company executive providing even more reasons why the print book is here to stay. The list of advantages that paper books have over the eBook keeps growing.

They just don’t get it.

There is not going to be a choice! It’s not about advantages. It’s about reality.

When eBook readers get down to $2 to $5, for a universal stripped down model, the eBook reader becomes the paper. You will get the eBook Reader when you buy the book. Of course, for a little less money, you can download the book onto your own personal eReader at any of the many Book Kiosks .

For the publisher there will be no shipping, no storage, no returns, no overruns, no shortages, no physical theft, in short, none of these major headaches and profit sappers to deal with. The retailer will supply the disposable eBook Reader for buyers who need one. Probably people at airports looking for a read.

There will be a POD, Print on Demand, business -- but not for long. The same busybody government control freaks, who are taking away our 100 watt light bulbs, surely won’t allow paper books to exist for very much longer after the disposable eBook Reader is introduced.

So go ahead, industry experts: add to your list of why the printed book is better. No one is going to care or pay any attention. You are not going to have a choice!


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