Saturday, March 19, 2011

Triple Winner! Best Beginning, Best “Black Moment” & Best HEA of the Month!

Kansas Courtship: Amazingly Well Written – A Joy to Read!

Kansas Courtshipby Victoria Bylin
Love Inspired Historical
Mar 1, 2010
Miniseries: After the Storm: The Founding Years
Category: Inspirational Romance

Last year I read the first chapter posted on a blog appearance by the author. I instantly bought and downloaded the book but had other reviews to write first. When I recently discovered “Kansas Courtship” in my eBook Reader, I stopped everything else and just read it. This book is so good that I am in a hurry to read another of the author’s books just to see if this book is a ‘one off’ or if this is how Victoria Bylin writes all the time.
This wonderful book was a victim of becoming lost in my eBook Reader.

Best Beginning!

The story starts after a tornado destroys much of the new town of High Plains. A woman doctor is coming to this Kansas town because it was her only hope of getting a job. She is a pioneer female doctor. The hero has offered her a job as town doctor because the old doctor died trying to deal with all the tornado injured. What no one knows is that the heroine used her initials and everyone thinks Dr. N. Mitchell is a man. The story gets off to an instant fast start on several levels. I don’t think you can read the first chapter and not buy this book.

Best “Black Moment”

In one respect, the reader can see the ‘black moment’ coming from a great distance. Both the hero, Zeb Garrison, and heroine, Dr. Nora Mitchell, have multiple good reasons why they should not become a pair. Their reasons are different and are deep-rooted in their backgrounds. As the reader approaches the ‘black moment’ the conflict only increases. It’s almost like watching two trains headed towards each other on the same track. This is how to hold a reader’s attention. Just masterful.

Best HEA!

"Kansas Courtship" has at least four HEA’s rolled into one. It also plays very fairly with the reader in having things happen as they really would and not just as they would happen in a romance novel to obtain the greatest emotional impact. This fairness actually increases the impact of the other HEAs. I can’t tell any more than this. You just have to read it for yourself.

If you are an aspiring writer, “Kansas Courtship” is worth buying just for the beginning, or just for being able to study the ‘black moment’ or just for seeing the four HEAs.

If you just a reader who loves romances, it's hard to think how you could find a better love story that this. Very, very sympathetic characters. Even the villains have redeeming characteristics. A must read!

Five Stars & a Standing Ovation!

Author’s Current Book

The Outlaw's Return
Victoria Bylin
Love Inspired Historical


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