Monday, April 26, 2010

Critical Care -- Pacific Mercy Hospital Book 1 –The Best of Three Worlds!

Excellent Medical Drama!
Superior Inspirational Story!
Compelling Romance!

Critical Care Mercy Hospital Series Book 1
Candace Calvert
2009 Tyndale, House Publishers, 304 pages

The author, a former ER nurse, delivers all the medical details that fans find so essential in an authentic medical story. Medical ‘junkies’ will love this story.

The inspirational story is totally integrated into the plot and worthy of a stand-alone inspirational novel.

The romance is genuine and rich enough to stand out as a category romance.

The action takes place in Pacific Point, northern California, about a one hour drive from Lake Tahoe. The heroine is a former ER nurse who has transferred over to the education department because of the trauma she experienced when she saw her brother die of burns while she was on duty in the ER. Her inability to handle that situation has made her feel like a ‘weak link” who should not serve as an ER nurse.

The ER Doctor from Hell!

The hero is the grumpy ER doctor from hell. He had a bad childhood and never saw any of his prayers answered as a tormented child. He is now a non-believer. He is so mean, in fact, that he had to leave his last hospital job because so many nurses quit or filed formal complaints against him. His new position at Pacific Mercy may be his last chance to save his career.

Critical Care also features two secondary stories that keep every page bubbling with interest.

This is a very fast reading book. The advertising says Critical Care is Book 1 of the Mercy Hospital series. Given how much I enjoyed Book 1, I look forward to reading the next book, Disaster Status which is just now available.

Wonderfully Rich Writng! Highest Recommendation! 5 Stars!


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