Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scarlet Wilson Blazes a New Standard for Medial Romances! 5-Star Brilliance!

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Scarlet Wilson Writes Big! 
There is so Much More Here than I Expected to Find in a Medical Romance!

Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romances (June 1, 2012)
Available as eBook or Print

A Romance for all Continents!

The scope is big! The action moves from the Amazon River, to the California coast, to an apartment on Fisherman’s Warf, (with a view of Alcatraz), back to the Amazon and to California once again!

The characters are big! From the President of the United States and First Lady to world class medical consultants.

The conflict is big! That’s big in the sense of being meaningful. This is a significant book written with great sensitivity and insights. I actually felt good about myself for having read it.

The reading enjoyment is big! That’s big in the sense that you get so much more to like. The characters are extremely likeable, worthy, and sympathetic. You will deeply care what happens to them. This is also a story with no easy fixes. The conflicts are real and the outcomes are realistic. Don’t expect any cliché answers to star-crossed lovers' problems here.

The medical situations are big!  Big in the sense of being important and complicated. This medial story demands the greatest skills from the author.

“West Wing to MaternityWing  masterfully deals with breast cancer and body image issues after having a mastectomy. There is the problem of having, IVF, in vitro fertilization, after taking chemotherapy. And at the core of the narrative are the serious complications of dealing with a very premature baby.

The story is so well written that when the heroine says to herself that it would not be fair to the hero, who she truly loves, for her to marry him, I really had to stop and think. Probably it would not be fair to the hero for her to marry him! Indeed, the heroine faces very difficult conflicts.

Now, usually the conflict in many medical romances  is such that I often want to yell at the heroine: ‘don’t be stupid, marry the guy’!  This ‘romantic’ kind of conflict is often solved with a simple change of mind on the part of the hero or heroine. Well, this is not the case in “West Wing to Maternity Wing”.  The conflicts will not be resolved quickly. The conflicts will only be resolved as they would be in real life. It will take counseling.  

When it is all said and done, this makes the HEA especially meaningful and emotionally rewarding. The reader will probably remember the hero and heroine for a very long time.

I found the “West Wing toMaternity Wing” to be one of those rare books that made me feel like a better person for having read it. It’s that good. Scarlet Wilson is a rising star in the Medical Romance heavens.  In fact, I’d be surprised if the Medical genre can contain her! Brava!

Scarlet Wilson Blazes a New Standard for Medial Romances! 
5-Star Brilliance!


  1. Vince you made me cry! Unfortunately I do read all my views and cry when I get bad ones too! I really loved writing this book and am so glad that you enjoyed reading it. I love writing medical romances and hope to keep doing so for a long time.

  2. Another great review, Vince!!!

    I agree. This was an amazing read! So happy Scarlet's book is finally available in the U.S.!!!!

  3. Hi Scarlet:

    You are braver than I am. When I get reviews I am going to let a CP read them first and only pass on what he thinks would help me to know.

    I really did love reading “West Wing to Maternity Wing”. I’ve dealt with doctors and nurses for years. I’ve been a hospital patient several times for major operations. I was even a ghost writer on a book on how to prevent malpractice when I was in college.

    I’ve been to San Francisco many times and even lived very near to Santa Maria. I have also been a long time supporter of “The Amazon Project” which provides medical care on the Amazon where none would be available otherwise. See my review of this doctor’s life work among the Amazon people:

    Doctor Linnea Smith at the Amazon Project.

    This book might be very helpful for ideas if you are going to do any more Amazon books. Dr. Smith is a real life heroine!

    Right now “West Wing to Maternity Wing” is your only book I can buy for the Kindle in North America. I need eBooks for the large print.

    I really look forward to many more books to come!


  4. Hi Wendy:

    So good to hear from you. I think of the Harlequin Medical Romance line as Mills & Boon’s “A” Team.