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Cheryl Wyatt
Steeple Hill Love Inspired
Jun 2010
Miniseries: Wings of Refuge
Category: Inspirational Romance

"Wings of Refuge" -- Book 7: “Steadfast Soldier”

If you like your heroes bigger than life, then I think Cheryl Wyatt's "Wings of Refuge" books will warm you heart. I think Wyatt has the best heroes because they are all USAF, Special Forces, PJ (pararescue jumper) team members! Each is well trained and perfectly conditioned. Each has as his military mission the taking of risks so that “Other’s May Live”. It's easy to find great heroes in this elite band of brothers. It’s no wonder that ever since the first book was published the editor has called for more and more books to expand the series. Each book is a winner!

Cheryl Wyatt's World!

All seven books of the "Wings of Refuge" Series feature strong friendships and passionate romances. I must say that his is one series that you should read in order of publication. It is so much more enjoyable when you read about characters in later books who are ‘old friends' you loved in the earlier books. Sure, you can read the books in any order you want but as stand alone books, I feel they are four to four and a half star experiences. If you read them in order, they are all five start books. Here is a list of all seven books. Note that all seven books are still available on eHarlequin as eBooks and also on Amazon as Kindle books.

SOLDIER DADDY, October 2009, BOOK 5

I have found from reading all these books that the more books you've read, the more enjoyable the next book becomes.

An ‘Effervescent’ Voice

Cheryl Wyatt has a uniquely personal voice. Her writing is very informal; it’s almost as if she breathes the story to life. Her tone is very conversational. I feel this allows her to get closer to the reader. This is hard to explain so consider the below passage in which Wyatt is writing as the author and not as a character who is thinking these things:

“Chloe pulled away from the curb as Chance passed her. Thankfully, he drove slowly. His brake lights became Chloe’s compass. They beamed through the storm like two tiny red lighthouses. She followed his taillights in full trust.

“Eventually Mom’s house came into view. Chloe pulled into the driveway and waved Chance on, signaling he could go. Surely a man like that had somewhere important to be. She hated to detain him; he’d been so kind to get her home.”
I was a little taken when I read “Eventually Mom’s house” because writing as the author, “Mom” would have been the author’s Mom. I would have written this as “Eventually her mother’s house came into view”. But the reader knows it not the author’s Mom. This informality blends into the story narrative and as a result, I think “Wings of Refuge” read differently than anyone else would have written it.

I really like this ‘effervescent’ style because it exactly mirrors the storyline. (“Wings of Refuge” is also a great friendship series.)

"Steadfast Soldier" – Book Seven

The Hero

The hero in this story is PJ, Chance Garrison, who unlike many heroes in romances, actually is looking for a wife and is eager to start a family while he is still young. His father was already old when Chance was born and Chance feels he missed out as a child by not having an active father to do things with.

The Heroine

The heroine, Chloe Callet, is a physical therapist who does not want to get married or have a family for many years to come. She is building her dream business in Refuge. She also does not want a husband who is called away from home for long periods. In this sense, Chance is all wrong for her.

Pioneering Dogs in Physical Therapy

Chloe uses dogs in her physical therapy sessions and is trying to prove her unique methods and earn general acceptance. As the story starts, Chloe has only one client in Refuge: Chance's father who is recovering from a stroke.

Ministers in the Family

Chance wants to be a youth minister which surprisingly is a problem. Chloe's father was a minister and Chloe's childhood experiences were so bad, that she vows never to consider a minister as a husband. Chance has his work cut out for him in winning Chloe's heart. But a PJ airman never worries about the odds. Besides, Chance feels he has God on his side.

Heroines to Match Great Heroes

Great PJ heroes demand strong heroines to balance the romantic relationships. Wyatt's heroines are not only strong, they are interesting and unique. Chole is a very good example of this. If you have not read any of the "Wings of Refuge" books, you're in luck: you have a world of enjoyment awaiting you!

"Steadfast Soldier" Just Another Great Book in the "Wings of Refuge" Series!

(Disclosure: I was in the USAF where I trained K-9 dogs. I am particularly predisposed to enjoy this series. Oh, that's not me in the picture. My picture has F-100's in the background.)


  1. Vince you certainly got this right. Aren't her books fabulous?? I love Cheryl and her books.

    Thanks for posting this today!

  2. Hi Hannah:

    I’m glad you like Cheryl’s World as much as I do. She makes me want to re-up in the PJs. I didn’t know about the PJs when I was in the AF or I might have applied. I did go into K9 which was the ‘baddest’ thing we had on base. : )


  3. Vince,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this very genuine (and generous!) review.

    Your readership is certainly a blessing.

    Hannah you too sweetcakes. You both have just made my day.

  4. Hi Cheryl:

    I’m glad you liked the review. I’ve always thought that your books needed a group review. The “Wings of Refuge” series is so valuable because, now with eBooks, all the books are always easily and instantly available. They are also all equally new and fresh. I am not aware of any other series that is so well integrated.

    I do have a special request:

    I’d like to read a “A Christmas Rescue” story where the hero goes on a rescue mission and in the process of rescuing a woman and child (somehow he gets separated from his team and it is just him, the woman, and the child in danger) he is spiritually recued from his emotional wilderness by the woman and child. I already have misty eyes just thinking about it. : )


  5. Vince, that is a FABULOUS story idea!

    When were you in the Air Force? Did you serve in Vietnam at all?

    I love K-9s and hope you write about them in your stories! I think many people would find that fascinating.

    I hope my books will honor the real Pararescuers. If you know any young men interested in doing something as noble as becoming a Pararescuer, direct them to and The second is a fitness based website started by PJ INDOC instructors. It helps get guys in shape for the course and establishes a great base for fitness needed to do the job.

    Thanks again,